Striped Blouse with Ruffled Sleeves


Today I decided to get this post out. Something always came in-between and I never managed to put it together. I’ve worn this top which I bought from Zara so often, that it seems old – although it’s not. I’m always on the go. I’ve made a note in my journal saying “slow down”. Well, today is the perfect day to start, as it’s pouring with rain! This blouse is so feminine with pleated ruffled sleeves and a bow belt,…

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Asymmetric Check Dress


I love wearing dresses and now that Spring is just a few days away I can finally remove a few layers of clothing. I can actually feel a dramatic difference in temperature within a short period of time. This check asymmetric dress is perfect for the transitional period.…

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I love wearing jumpsuits especially if they are palazzo styles. I  enjoy wearing them during the summer months although they can be worn all year round. It’s that feeling of been so comfortable while looking stylish,…

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Blush Colour Ruffle Top


Whenever I travel to Dubai I prefer to fly with Emirates airline. When I fly from Zurich I can leave during the day and arrive in Dubai at a reasonable time. I can also get a flight back leaving Dubai just after midday. Many airlines land and leave well after midnight.…

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Doha – Qatar


It’s been a while since I last visited Qatar. A very good friend who spent time working in the Maldives moved to Qatar because of her job. You might ask yourself why would anyone move from a piece of paradise! Especially the Maldives! Sometimes there isn’t a choice but in her case, she simply had enough of island life, although her job there was stress-free. Imagine that!…

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Champfèr – St.Moritz – Switzerland


Opening up the outside shutters – looking through glass doors which spread across the whole of the lounge room only to be confronted by the magnificent Corvatsch mountain. A walk along a footpath from Champfèr led us to the next village of Silvaplana. Just as we approached Silvaplana, light snowflakes floated around us.…

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Multi-Colour Stylish Puffer


I just want to share with you all, the outfit I wore Saturday to meet up with friends in the city of Zürich. I always appreciate this time when we get together and have a good chat and a laugh during brunch. This time the discussion heated up a bit – or maybe I should say, it got a bit loud. It all had to do with the US election and Donald Trump inauguration which continues to dominate the news.…

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Grey White & Black


When I shop for winter coats keeping warm takes priority over looking good, haha but with so many beautiful puffer coats on the market, I believe that we can keep warm while looking good. Layering is a good way to keep warm but I don’t particularly like to wear so many pieces at once especially if they are heavy. This makes me feel uncomfortable. If layering is not done correctly, it can make you appear bulky which I’m sure none…

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Bordeaux & Nude Gown


I can’t believe the holiday season is well over. During that time I’ve read a few books, magazines and browsed the internet. I came across the dress from Third Floor which I immediately loved. I’ve never seen anything from Third floor before so I was happy to check out their designs.…

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Colourful – Winter


The end of 2016 is coming to an end, and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking each one of you, for the support, you have given me throughout this time. It has been a turbulent year in many aspects, with so much unnecessary suffering around the world. We are consumed in our own self-indulgence that we fail to realise those less fortunate. ( I’m all for self-interest when it leads to development). We ignore their cries for…

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Double-Breasted Coat


This is not the usual type of coat I would wear as it’s very masculine! However, I thought I needed to add this style to my closet. When I bought it, I was still unsure, and by the next day, I was contemplating returning it. Finally I decided to keep it and although I’m not totally convinced – I’ve worn it almost every day. I love the longline silhouette. The coat is practical and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it…

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Embellished Cocktail Dress


I picked up this beautiful dress when I was in Thailand. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, as I was walking through the mall. Saying that – I did go into quite a lot of boutiques – mostly with Thai designs.…

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Simple Creole Christmas Cake


Preparation It’s best to soak the dried fruits well in advance. Chop dried fruits and put in a jar with port wine to soak. My grandmother soaked hers for more than 6 months with lots of different type of dried fruits. As this is an express creole cake, put raisins and sultanas in a pan with port wine and simmer for 20 minutes. Leave to cool then put in a jar for a few days.…

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Gift Guide


We love receiving gifts, but what could be more satisfying than to see the expression of joy on the face of the person who gets the gift! It’s not always that easy trying to find the right gift – and at times out of pure desperation, we end up choosing useless things, that we would not consider buying otherwise.…

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Festive season dresses


The festive season is once again here and for some of us it means party time. It can also be very stressful trying to get everything sorted. Even trying to find that perfect dress, can be a nightmare! There are so many beautiful pieces you can find on the internet, but it requires a lot of time. Here are a few styles which you might like, so do browse through. Look fabulous on a small budget It won’t break the…

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Hotel Sofitel, Bangkok


This was a really short trip to Bangkok so we chose Sofitel hotel,  Sukhumvit, which is very central. For us it was convenient as it’s close to shopping malls, bars and nightlife. For those of you who know what Bangkok traffic is like will appreciate the hotel location. It is situated between two metro stations – both within walking distance. Very generous size room with comfortable twin beds and amenities. Even an espresso machine. Those staying on the club floor…

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Display Of Autumn Colours


I prepared this post ending of October and just managed to get it out now. The weather here is much different than it was back then. A few days back I was walking through the forest. Looking up at the tall trees, the sun peering through and glistened on the leaves. As I walked out of the forest I came onto a large open field with trees displaying a full range of autumn colours. I was so inspired by the…

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Ristorante Da Enzo, Switzerland


I’ve heard so many good things from my friends and read lots of good reviews about Ristorante Da Enzo. I knew for sure I would dine there but as it’s not in the vicinity I didn’t manage to go until now. Each time I visited that part of Switzerland I always ended up dining elsewhere so this time I made a reservation before I left Zurich. I highly recommend reserving in advance. We climbed the cobblestone steps… each side adorned with…

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