Trumpet Sleeves Lace Top


  Today I’m sharing with you this lovely and feminine trumpet sleeves blouse made of delicate and sheer lace. I’m totally obsessed with lace at the moment. I’ve done a few posts with me wearing lace but I couldn’t resist buying this top…

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Lalique museum – France


Opened in 2011,  Museum Lalique is a modern building set in a park, in the village of Wingen-sur-Moder in the region of Alsace, France. There is a display of Art Deco glassware and contemporary crystal works created by René Lalique and his successors.…

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Château Hochberg – France


Château Hochberg was known as Château Teutsch after the family who had it built between 1863 and 1866. After restoration and decoration to the chateau, there are fifteen rooms and suites. There is a sense of calm at the entrance lobby with beautiful serene colours of white, grey and crystal. The reception desk is made of white quartz and the walls are adorned with Lauriers panels created by René Lalique in 1923.…

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Four Seasons Hotel – The Westcliff


Located in the lively and cosmopolitan city of Johannesburg – set on a hillside – the prestigious neighborhood of Westcliff is Four Seasons Hotel Westcliff. It’s an impressive establishment with low rise buildings, courtyards, and beautifully manicured lush greenery and rose gardens, surrounded by amazing matured trees. There is a Mediterranean feel to this place, with terracotta style buildings and cobbled streets.…

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Guipure Lace Dress


Hi lovelies, in today’s post I’m showing this stunning dress from Self-Portrait. Not only is it a great choice for wearing out to have cocktails or dinner… with the wedding season upon us, it would be perfect for wearing to a friend’s wedding. The dress is a statement piece in its own right and so does not need many accessories. I love the colour combination of sky blue and black. The fit is very flattering, cinching in the waist with…

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White Lace Top & Wide Jeans


Gone are the days when lace was reserved only for the wealthy owing to it been rare, time-consuming to make and thus highly priced. Machine-made lace…many of synthetic fibers are extremely popular today enabling us all to afford it.…

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Johannesburg – South Africa


It’s always exciting when I find a new restaurant where I can eat. Possums restaurant was recommended by a close friend who invited us to lunch. It’s quaint with a tranquil atmosphere and the perfect venue for business lunch or to enjoy a dining experience with friends. It’s situated in Craighall which is very central but you get the feeling of been in a European countryside of some kind. I love the outside area with the beautiful settings amongst trees and flowers… but…

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Classic Pants & Top


It’s always a good idea to have some simple classic pieces in your closet. Although I have lots of things to wear, there are times when I just can’t find anything to put on…if you know what I mean! I’m sure lots of you think the same as I do. You stand in front of a closet full of clothes and insist you can’t find anything to wear. This is when I choose to wear simple and classic pieces, such…

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Striped Blouse with Ruffled Sleeves


Today I decided to get this post out. Something always came in-between and I never managed to put it together. I’ve worn this top which I bought from Zara so often, that it seems old – although it’s not. I’m always on the go. I’ve made a note in my journal saying “slow down”. Well, today is the perfect day to start, as it’s pouring with rain! This blouse is so feminine with pleated ruffled sleeves and a bow belt,…

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Asymmetric Check Dress


I love wearing dresses and now that Spring is just a few days away I can finally remove a few layers of clothing. I can actually feel a dramatic difference in temperature within a short period of time. This check asymmetric dress is perfect for the transitional period.…

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I love wearing jumpsuits especially if they are palazzo styles. I  enjoy wearing them during the summer months although they can be worn all year round. It’s that feeling of been so comfortable while looking stylish,…

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Blush Colour Ruffle Top


Whenever I travel to Dubai I prefer to fly with Emirates airline. When I fly from Zurich I can leave during the day and arrive in Dubai at a reasonable time. I can also get a flight back leaving Dubai just after midday. Many airlines land and leave well after midnight.…

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Bordeaux & Nude Gown


I can’t believe the holiday season is well over. During that time I’ve read a few books, magazines and browsed the internet. I came across the dress from Third Floor which I immediately loved. I’ve never seen anything from Third floor before so I was happy to check out their designs.…

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Colourful – Winter


The end of 2016 is coming to an end, and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking each one of you, for the support, you have given me throughout this time. It has been a turbulent year in many aspects, with so much unnecessary suffering around the world. We are consumed in our own self-indulgence that we fail to realise those less fortunate. ( I’m all for self-interest when it leads to development). We ignore their cries for…

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Embellished Cocktail Dress


I picked up this beautiful dress when I was in Thailand. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, as I was walking through the mall. Saying that – I did go into quite a lot of boutiques – mostly with Thai designs.…

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Simple Creole Christmas Cake


Preparation It’s best to soak the dried fruits well in advance. Chop dried fruits and put in a jar with port wine to soak. My grandmother soaked hers for more than 6 months with lots of different type of dried fruits. As this is an express creole cake, put raisins and sultanas in a pan with port wine and simmer for 20 minutes. Leave to cool then put in a jar for a few days.…

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Festive season dresses


The festive season is once again here and for some of us it means party time. It can also be very stressful trying to get everything sorted. Even trying to find that perfect dress, can be a nightmare! There are so many beautiful pieces you can find on the internet, but it requires a lot of time. Here are a few styles which you might like, so do browse through. Look fabulous on a small budget It won’t break the…

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Ristorante Da Enzo, Switzerland


I’ve heard so many good things from my friends and read lots of good reviews about Ristorante Da Enzo. I knew for sure I would dine there but as it’s not in the vicinity I didn’t manage to go until now. Each time I visited that part of Switzerland I always ended up dining elsewhere so this time I made a reservation before I left Zurich. I highly recommend reserving in advance. We climbed the cobblestone steps… each side adorned with…

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Mammertsberg – Switzerland


Relais and Chateau Mammertsberg is about an hour drive away from Zurich by car and can easily be reached by public transport (train). This is a hidden boutique hotel with six guests rooms and suites and has a gourmet restaurant which boasts 17 Gault Milla points and 1 Michelin star. This is a hidden gem in the canton of Thurgau and overlooks Lake Constance and the Appenzell Alps. Swiss architect Tilla Theus is responsible for the aesthetically pleasing renovation of…

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