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    Hyaluronic Acid For Smoother Skin


    When it comes to my skin care routine I believe less is better – so for years I’ve cleansed my skin, used sunscreen and a good moisturiser which worked perfectly well for me. However, for the past few years, I noticed that my skin was not as supple as it once was. Yes, I know with age skin loses elasticity, becomes dehydrated, fine lines appear. I’ve read it all. My idea is to maintain that plump radiant looking skin for as…

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  • Flawless Finish with O! Wow Brush

    O! Wow brush from Caiyln cosmetics is one of my newest purchases I made lately. I read so many good reviews about this brush that I decided to give it a try.…

  • Embellished Cocktail Dress

    I picked up this beautiful dress when I was in Thailand. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, as I was walking through the mall. Saying that – I did go into quite a…