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    Colourful – Winter


    The end of 2016 is coming to an end, and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking each one of you, for the support, you have given me throughout this time. It has been a turbulent year in many aspects, with so much unnecessary suffering around the world. We are consumed in our own self-indulgence that we fail to realise those less fortunate. ( I’m all for self-interest when it leads to development). We ignore their cries for…

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  • Gift Guide

    We love receiving gifts, but what could be more satisfying than to see the expression of joy on the face of the person who gets the gift! It’s not always that easy trying to…

  • Interviewed by Fashionmag42

      Tell us something about yourself and how you started your blog? I’m originally from the Caribbean, St.Kitts, to be precise and moved to the UK as a child. I have lived in Denmark.…

  • My Valentine

    Some elegant and feminine bits and pieces will definitely elevate your self-confidence. Something for your taste-buds will intensify that feeling. It’s about loving you and been kind to yourself. Here you can find some…

  • Happy flowers

    Sun flowers are happy flowers which look lovely in the garden and makes a beautiful arrangement for indoors. This year we are getting a lot because of the wonderful summer we are experiencing.…