Chunky Autumn & Winter Knits


Don’t we just love cosy chunky knits during the autumn and winter season! Well, we are in luck – as this year there are lots of beautiful jumpers to choose from whatever your preference or budget. This chunky knit jumper is from Lorena Antoniazzi. It is so soft and comfy against the skin and gives a lot of warmth, so I don’t need a coat for now although the temperature has dropped. I’ve paired it with a pair of high waisted skinny jeans…

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Bras – The Foundation For A Smooth Silhouette


Wearing the right type of bra is the foundation to achieve that perfect streamlined look. Buy the right size bra and don’t squeeze into a smaller cup size which only causes over-spill. We don’t want that! If you don’t know your correct size, then it’s time to get measured.…

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Skinny Jeans & Ankle Boots


A day spent in Bern – the capital of Switzerland…walking around the old town, enjoying the sights and the hustle and bustle of the city. If it rains here you needn’t get wet as there are arcades on both sides of the main street- so no need for umbrellas while shopping.…

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Easy-Peasy Peas Soup


This has got to be the easiest of soups to prepare from start to finish. Literally just throw all ingredients in the pot. Hence the name easy-peasy. It’s tasty and full of the good nutritious stuff we need. No kidding! By the way, it’s also inexpensive!…

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Bermuda Shorts With Ruffles


Grey is not the colour I usually go for when buying clothing  Matter of fact is, I have just a few pieces in my closet. Probably can count them on one hand – and I can’t even recall when I wore them last. However, I believe this shade of grey is pretty against my skin tone. I wanted to style the Bermuda shorts with a black top – but had a change of mind and decided to soften the look, with a simple grey pullover instead. The…

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Lace-up Jeans & Pussy Bow Blouse


I can’t believe it’s already September and I’m starting to feel the chill of the cold air. I realised everyone around was wearing a jacket and there I was, facing the cold with just a thin cardigan along the lakeside of Zurich. You’ve probably seen these high-waisted, curve-enhancing,…

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Eyelift Treatment – Venofye


I’ve become rather obsessed with skin care ever since a few lines and puffiness appeared around the eye area. They are not that pronounced for me to lose sleep over but I am conscious of the aging signs.I suffer from insomnia so this may have helped the process of bags under my eyes developing along with food and allergies. When a friend told me about this product which produces the same results as Botox I was skeptical. After all, there are so…

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Update Of An Old Skirt


When I got this top I wasn’t sure if I should return it. I tried it on several times but was not fully convinced. As so many other unworn clothing, it got lost in the back of my closet – haha. That was until I updated an old pencil skirt. I’ve had the pencil skirt for many years and the zip broke. This is when I decided to update it with a new zip – but instead of the usual…

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Ascona – Switzerland


Situated on Monte Verità hillside, (Mountain of Truth) overlooking Lake Maggiore and surrounding mountains is Hotel Ascona. It’s a great location if you plan to visit the charming town of Ascona which is Switzerland’s lowest lying town at 196 meters (643 ft) above sea level.…

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Hyaluronic Acid For Smoother Skin


When it comes to my skin care routine I believe less is better – so for years I’ve cleansed my skin, used sunscreen and a good moisturiser which worked perfectly well for me. However, for the past few years, I noticed that my skin was not as supple as it once was. Yes, I know with age skin loses elasticity, becomes dehydrated, fine lines appear. I’ve read it all. My idea is to maintain that plump radiant looking skin for as…

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Villa René Restaurant Lalique – France


René Lalique and his family resided in the Villa, during his stay in Alsace, which he built in 1920. It has been reinvented and is now a sophisticated hotel and restaurant. Villa Lalique restaurant building was designed by the Swiss architect, Mario Botta. The dining room has tall glass windows which allow a picturesque view of the vast countryside surrounding the building. The room is very beautiful and elegant and has a calm atmosphere.Villa Lalique restaurant is accredited with 2 Michelin…

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Chiffon Dress With Paisley Print


  Recently I’ve been experiencing the perfect weather enabling me to wear this dress. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same today of the weather as it is raining and the temperature has fallen greatly. Better days ahead!…

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White Lace Top & Wide Jeans


Gone are the days when lace was reserved only for the wealthy owing to it been rare, time-consuming to make and thus highly priced. Machine-made lace…many of synthetic fibers are extremely popular today enabling us all to afford it.…

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