Bras – The Foundation For A Smooth Silhouette

Wearing the right type of bra is the foundation to achieve that perfect streamlined look. Buy the right size bra and don’t squeeze into a smaller cup size which only causes over-spill. We don’t want that! If you don’t know your correct size, then it’s time to get measured.


Item You Will Never Regret Buying

The item you will never regret buying is the tube dress from Wolford. Best known as Wolford¬†fatal dress. I’m sure most of you have seen it but haven’t given it much thought. You really can’t go wrong with this tube dress. It’s the most versatile piece of clothing I have ever bought and I will definitely¬†be buying another one maybe in black or white. It’s actually very soft and comfortable to wear. By making more folds in the dress the easier it is to wear. Double it and you have a skirt which can be worn at any time or place – whether it be to the city or the beach. Add a blazer and wear it to the office. Wear it as a mini dress on a date night or to meet up with friends for drinks or dinner. I added a thin belt to emphasize the waist – but the tube dress is equally as beautiful without. It…


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