My Life Dubai

My Life Dubai




I’ve lived in Dubai for a while until I moved back to Switzerland. It was a great experience. All different cultures, many hoping to achieve a better life. Work hard, play harder and shop a lot. My husband was not very happy with me shopping loads as he worked harder than he played. I promised to curb my spending but completely forgot within a few days. This happened often –  It’s called selective amnesia. Apparently I can’t be cured.There was nothing else to do besides playing golf, tennis and heading to the malls. I swear I got dizzy shopping in malls and got palpitations(that’s how it felt) when I saw beautiful clothes, shoes, bags whatever. When Dubai mall opened I needed sneakers to get around as the place is massive. There were so many beautiful things, I didn’t know what to buy so I went home with yet another lipstick that I never used – usually in red.

We had a large house with six bedrooms and bathrooms and I had a lot of visitors from overseas. I didn’t know that I had so many friends. I always took my visitors to the same places. The desert for some dune bashing, the souq, the gold and diamond park. Here are a few of the true friends.


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CIMG1588CIMG0093Yacht & Golf club Creek Dubai 2007



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