Valentino – Rockstud Shoes

Valentino – Rockstud Shoes

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It seems we all love Valentino Rockstud shoes! We can never have too many pairs. They look great with the boyfriend or ripped jeans – it’s edgier. They are perfect for dresses of course and very comfortable.

It can be overwhelming with the array of so many pretty colours that you end up buying a colour you can’t combine with your outfits. It’s definitely frustrating. If you can only afford one pair after saving your hard earned cash for Valentino – Rockstud – and you are still not sure which colour you should buy – stick with neutrals.

Whenever I travel I take my small Louis Vuitton clutch which I’ve had for years. I even use it as a wallet and it fits perfectly into my bags. I have it in baby pink also but I have been using red more often.

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