Hyaluronic Acid For Smoother Skin

Hyaluronic Acid For Smoother Skin

When it comes to my skin care routine I believe less is better – so for years I’ve cleansed my skin, used sunscreen and a good moisturiser which worked perfectly well for me. However, for the past few years, I noticed that my skin was not as supple as it once was. Yes, I know with age skin loses elasticity, becomes dehydrated, fine lines appear. I’ve read it all. My idea is to maintain that plump radiant looking skin for as long as possible.

After checking out and reading many reviews on different creams and serums that plump the skin, I decided to try hyaluronic acid.


Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally present in our bodies and contributes to skin moisture, which diminishes with age. As we age we lose the ability to maintain moisture in our skin which gives that plump effect and a youthful appearance. Lack of moisture leads to aging skin. Applying hyaluronic acid to the skin helps to draw moisture to the skin surface.

There are so many hyaluronic acid creams and serums out there so it was very difficult for me to decide until I researched Babor cosmetic products. I like the idea that their products are not tested on animals. I’m using Dr. Babor hyaluronic cream after getting advice from one of their beauty therapists. My skin looks hydrated and smoother but I wouldn’t say that it is plumper. I will definitely keep it in my regular skin care routine.



















  1. 14/08/2017 / 08:31

    Aw that product sounds great! I’ve never seen it before, good to know it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 13/08/2017 / 18:50

    I haven’t heard of this product before but it sounds amazing! Acid such as glycolic and mandelic has been a staple in my skincare routine 🙂

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

    • mm 14/08/2017 / 08:51

      Hi Alyssa, I’m glad that you found something that works for you! xo

    • mm 13/08/2017 / 12:43

      I’ve only started using hyaluronic acid a few months now and I’m very happy with the results!

  3. 11/08/2017 / 17:46

    This sounds like a very nice product. I’m like you and like to keep my routine simple.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Gemma x

    • mm 13/08/2017 / 12:41

      I believe skin looks best if we don’t use too many different products and names that we can’t even pronounce!Have a lovely Sunday, Gemma! xo

  4. 10/08/2017 / 18:09

    I think it is wise to avoid using to many products and to fall into the trap of always trying new, “magic” products, that, when abused, do not do anything else than confusing our skin. As for the hyaluronic acid, it is really a beneficial one for all skin types and I am happily using it too!

    xo Corina

    • mm 13/08/2017 / 12:31

      That’s so true, Corina! Hyaluronic acid really helps! Thank you! xo

  5. Jessi Malay
    10/08/2017 / 17:54

    I looove Babor..they have such amazing products!I recently finished using their glow boosters and had amazing results! I’ve heard so much about the hylauronic acid too..I’ll have to give it a try 🙂

    XO, Jessi

    • mm 10/08/2017 / 20:38

      Hey Jessi. I love the fact that Babor products are not tested on animals and I’m also very happy with the result. I got the glow boosters but have not started using them as yet!

    • mm 13/08/2017 / 12:28

      Do check it out, Emily! Thanks for stopping by!

    • mm 09/08/2017 / 17:37

      I like this product as it makes my skin much smoother! Have a great day, Len! xo

  6. 09/08/2017 / 12:07

    What a detailed review. Just like you, I use minimal products on my face, however, I have been contemplating moisturizing products. I have heard about, but not tried hyaluronic acid…will def check it out. Thanks darling!


    • mm 09/08/2017 / 17:40

      I’m glad you found this post interesting! Let me know the results of your skin if you do try it! Thank you! xo

    • mm 09/08/2017 / 06:01

      Hi Rach, I’m happy as my skin is smoother! Have a wonderful day!

  7. 08/08/2017 / 20:27

    thank youfor this lovely and detaled Review,
    I didn’t knew this product before but the right skincare is so important.
    thank you for sharing.

    take a look at my BLOG and also INSTAGRAM

    • mm 09/08/2017 / 05:59

      I’m glad that you found this post interesting! Thank you!

  8. Ankita Bardhan
    08/08/2017 / 11:18

    I have only used a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen for my screen but I guess I should give it a little more love and care 🙂


    • mm 08/08/2017 / 16:45

      I was doing the same as you for a long time but decided to add hyaluronic acid to my skincare routine! Thanks for stopping by! xo

    • mm 08/08/2017 / 11:17

      Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day! xo

  9. 08/08/2017 / 07:56

    I have been very vigilant with my skincare routine too since I’m nearing 30
    thanks for the selection!

    The Sweetest Escape

    • mm 08/08/2017 / 11:05

      It’s always best to start young with a good skincare routine! Have a great, Stevia!

    • mm 08/08/2017 / 06:45

      You are very welcome, Joel! Thanks for the visit!

  10. 07/08/2017 / 17:23

    I use retinol right now and will get a treatment with a higher dose when to summer is over.
    For now, I love it. Have a nice week darling. Love, Esther

    • mm 07/08/2017 / 17:46

      Good that you found something that works for your skin.I’ve heard many positive things about retinol. Thank you and have a lovely week ahead! xo

  11. 07/08/2017 / 15:30

    I just stepped on another brand too because my skin needed a bit more. I have a very sensitive skin so I can’t use many brands.

    • mm 07/08/2017 / 15:58

      I think it’s best not to do too much with the skin especially if it’s sensitive. So far I’m happy with this product and if my skin continues to look as good as it does now, then hyaluronic acid is staying in my skin care routine.