Wardrobe Basics – Part 1

Wardrobe Basics – Part 1

Sorry guys, the photo is old and was used in another blog post.

Good style starts with having a few basics in your wardrobe that will make getting dressed much easier.

There are many options for pairing a black blazer. It can be worn with a white blouse and pencil skirt or trousers for the office or pair it with jeans.

The white blouse is an absolute must-have. Wear it buttoned-up with classics trousers and you are ready for the office. Wear over skinny jeans or half tucked-in for a more relaxed and modern look.

The little black dress is another must-have in your wardrobe. it’s one of the most versatile items you can buy. This can take you from the office to a night out with friends. Layer it over your white blouse or t-shirt and wear with trainers. Add a blazer and you are ready for any business meeting or add a statement necklace and heels to achieve a more glamorous look.

Oh yes – the old boring white t-shirt – that you won’t regret having in your wardrobe. Wear yours with your favourite jeans and add a necklace to dress it up.

You should have a pair of black pumps that can be worn with everything. I love animal print pumps which add any a bit more edge to an outfit.

A well-fitted dark wash pair of jeans, preferably boot-cut which looks best on most of us, is a good option. Doesn’t mean you should ignore the straight and skinny jeans. You can never have too many.

If you haven’t got a pair of white trainers you need to get a pair. Wear them basically with everything. If you aren’t convinced – think of the comfort you will have while running errands.

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  1. 04/04/2019 / 08:02

    These picks a fabulous dear! I think a good blazer belongs in every wardrobe!

    lots of love, Miri

  2. 30/03/2019 / 10:38

    These are great wardrobe basics. We should all have something like this in our closet. I think a blazer and a white shirt are items that make every closet more complete.


  3. 29/03/2019 / 10:30

    These basics are the best… I like so much your selection! Kisses.

  4. 25/03/2019 / 15:00

    oh nothing like white t-shirts..
    they are my favorite!

  5. 25/03/2019 / 14:59

    Nothing like basic pieces my dear..
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. 18/03/2019 / 15:20

    Definitely the perfect essentials! 🙂
    Each of these pieces can be styled so differently and adding some accesoires makes them even more versatile. ♥



  7. 17/03/2019 / 16:56

    Hey Yvonne, these are good basics and what’s more easily available on the high street!
    Since I left law zillion years ago, I stopped wearing white smart button down shirts, but in summer I like wearing white vests with my print skirts.
    Have a fab week ahead hon. Xx

    • yvonne
      25/03/2019 / 08:51

      Easily available on the high streets and affordable too. I can imagine you wearing white vests and printed skirts! Thanks Biki! xo

  8. 12/03/2019 / 12:45

    What a great Post!I never thought this way.It will make the wardrobe so clean.

    Many thanks!!

  9. 12/03/2019 / 12:27

    One of each please! These are perfect must-have essentials every girl needs xx


  10. 12/03/2019 / 08:52

    Loving all these wardrobe basics darling, only thing missing from mine is a pair of white trainers.


    • yvonne
      12/03/2019 / 17:14

      Lovely, you definitely need a pair of white sneakers to complete your wardrobe basics. xo

  11. 11/03/2019 / 19:57

    A white shirt and jeans combo is definitely a basic look that everyone should have! Is that bad that I would call the Chanel flap a basic as well? It just goes with everything you know?


    • yvonne
      12/03/2019 / 17:18

      Didier, that is so true about the Chanel bag or a similar one that’s wallet-friendly would do just fine!

  12. 11/03/2019 / 14:09

    These are must-haves indeed, especially the white shirt and leopard print shoes.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • yvonne
      13/03/2019 / 09:23

      Oh absolutely, Jessica! Thank you!

    • yvonne
      12/03/2019 / 17:36

      Thanks, Gemma! Hope you are having a wonderful week! xo

    • yvonne
      12/03/2019 / 17:38

      Grazie mille bellezza!

    • yvonne
      12/03/2019 / 17:49

      Thanks, Mercy! I think adding animal print pumps to a basic outfit elevates the look! xo

  13. 08/03/2019 / 10:09

    I really need a pair of plain white trainers in my wardrobe, they’re such a classic xx


    • yvonne
      09/03/2019 / 15:39

      Yes, they are and you can wear them with almost everything! Thanks, Gemma! xo

  14. 07/03/2019 / 17:03

    I think a en white t shirt looks great on Jan VS but also on a pencil skirt. So simple, yet so stylish.

    • yvonne
      08/03/2019 / 07:18

      So true, Nancy! Pencil skirt with a solid white tee is very stylish although simple!

    • yvonne
      08/03/2019 / 07:19

      Thanks, Melody! Glad you like it!

    • yvonne
      08/03/2019 / 07:21

      Oh absolutely! Thanks Radi!

    • yvonne
      06/03/2019 / 16:26

      Grazie caro!

    • yvonne
      06/03/2019 / 16:27

      Oh, absolutely Rach! Thank you!

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