Dupe Dresses I Love

During my visit to Singapore, I went shopping with no idea what I wanted to buy if anything at all. It’s not easy to resist when you see so many beautiful things…common sense goes right out the door. You cannot go to Singapore and not shop! Right? Haha! I did end up buying things that I really love though – although I wasn’t planning on buying anything.

I never go looking for dupes of any kind but when I saw the dress – I loved it. At first, I didn’t even know that it was a dupe until I saw the label and price. Zimmerman does not do dresses for such a low price. ( The original but no longer available) And although I knew it was not the real thing, I bought it…because I really liked the style! There is definitely a seventies vibe about it which I love. I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect copy and the material is somewhat scratchy – but it looks good. As I said, I liked the style a lot.

The one below was a gift! I love the colours and style and it was perfect for my vacation in Indonesia. This is a Silvia Tcherassi dupe. The real one is 100% silk ( no longer available) whereas this one I’m wearing is polyester. You can find it on Stylewe website.

There are different reasons for buying designer dupes…mostly because we like certain designers and their style but we don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices they are asking. Like me, some of us just buy an item because we like it. Saying that – I wouldn’t intentionally buy fake of any kind.

Below is a collection of dresses that are equally as beautiful as top brands.

Mobile case: gifted from idealofsweden Use my code APROPOSH to get 15% discount which is valid until 31st of March.




    • yvonne
      27/03/2020 / 10:18

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! Glad you like my finds! xx

    • yvonne
      24/03/2020 / 15:20

      The white one is cute right? Thanks a lot and stay safe! xo

  1. 22/03/2020 / 07:54

    Yvonne hon! I got my laptop back after 3 weeks and can FINALLY catch up on blog posts…it’s my preferred way of doing so.
    Oooh this an evergreen topic in fasHun- high street copies of designer dresses. From the designer point of view, it must be so frustrating to see it from a creative and financial point of view.
    But then for the average consumer, they are like ‘erm, yay!!!’
    I buy key pieces from Zara and I knooow a lot of them are copies of designer pieces, hey ho…

    I love the first dress, the details, boho vibe, colour – so many ways to wear this dress.

    Wishing you health in these uncertain and unpredictable times. Xo


    • yvonne
      22/03/2020 / 08:32

      Three weeks without your laptop…how did you manage? haha! I just buy clothing which I like. Designer brands can be very expensive so Zara does a good job of offering fashionable clothing for a fraction of the price. I tend to invest in classic items though!
      Thanks Biki xo

  2. 22/03/2020 / 03:37

    These are really pretty on you dear, especially the first one. So elegant and dainty.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • yvonne
      22/03/2020 / 08:20

      Thanks Jessica! It’s also my favourite!

  3. 20/03/2020 / 21:10

    Very cute and stylish ♥

  4. 19/03/2020 / 16:25

    These dresses are both SO gorgeous! And they totally high-end!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. 17/03/2020 / 18:36

    I love the colourful dress, especially for the upcoming season. <3

    • yvonne
      17/03/2020 / 12:05

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • yvonne
      15/03/2020 / 19:23

      The print is what I love about the second dress! Thank you! xo

    • yvonne
      14/03/2020 / 15:25

      It’s pretty isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by!

    • yvonne
      14/03/2020 / 15:36

      Thanks Christine! Yes, they are very pretty! Glad you like them! xo

  6. 13/03/2020 / 16:11

    Oh wow both dresses are gorgeous. I can see why you are tempted. The only downside is that it is made from polyester which is made from petroleum, which is hard to imagine looking at such pretty clothes. But most of us can not afford the designer originals and we all have FOMO. You look great in these!

    Allie of

    • yvonne
      14/03/2020 / 15:46

      So true Allie! Most of us cannot afford the designer originals! Yes, they are really pretty! Happy weekend!

    • yvonne
      13/03/2020 / 13:17

      When I realised that it was a dupe – it didn’t matter because I liked it a lot! Thank you! xx

  7. 13/03/2020 / 07:40

    Fantastic dresses! I adore dresses!

    • yvonne
      13/03/2020 / 13:19

      I love wearing dresses! Thanks Nancy!

  8. 12/03/2020 / 08:59

    Omg both the dresses are so dreamy! The details of the lace dress are very gorgeous.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    • yvonne
      12/03/2020 / 15:56

      That’s why I just had to have it! Thanks Simone! xx

    • yvonne
      11/03/2020 / 15:33

      Yes, they are perfect for spring! Glad you like them Kathrine! Thank you!

    • yvonne
      11/03/2020 / 15:34

      My favourite! Thanks Jennifer! xx

  9. 10/03/2020 / 21:16

    Both are beautiful dresses, that white one is so luxe although ti’s a shame it doesn’t feel it and is a bit scratchy!

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂

    • yvonne
      10/03/2020 / 22:13

      The white one is my favourite – and yes it’s a pity that it isn’t as soft as I would like! xx

  10. 10/03/2020 / 19:42

    This white dress is amazing, looks beautiful on you<3 Regards:**

    • yvonne
      10/03/2020 / 22:10

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Glad that you like the dress!

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