My Experience During Covid-19 Lockdown

My Experience During Covid-19 Lockdown

I’ve been longing for the lockdown to be over and done with. And now that the time is slowly approaching on the 11th of May, here in Zurich, Switzerland…I’m somewhat apprehensive. I have to be positive and follow the guidelines of the experts. Wash my hands regularly and thoroughly – no less than 20 seconds, keep 2 meters distance from the next person. With all the contradiction about wearing masks…I don’t know what to believe so I intend to wear one when I go to the shops – and if I do use public transport it will be a no-brainer!

It’s not easy being in lockdown – and although the time seems to be passing very slowly it is already the month of May. I have done everything possible to keep busy and not get bored. I mean, how much cleaning can I do when my home is not untidy and my closet already had a good clearing out? (Lots to give to the charity) I didn’t realise that I had so many things in there. I have a gym at home so this is my go-to-feel-good-place besides walking in the forest. I’m cooking daily and I’m a bit fed up of that. My husband can’t cook! So he says! haha! However, he deserves a medal for cleanliness. I also read a lot and at the moment I’m reading two books ( The girl in the spider’s web and Sin with me) plus I’m reading more blog posts. I’m always checking on the internet at all the clothes I would love to wear right now if only I had somewhere to go.

I have friends in different parts of the world and so we are constantly on the phone trying to motivate one another! What would life be without my friends? A very sad one. I am blessed!

I feel that my relationship with my husband has grown stronger and we talk and laugh a lot more. This lockdown has made me realise what is important in my life. I am grateful for what I have.




  1. 21/05/2020 / 12:12

    It’s such a weird time! I hope you’re keeping well and staying safe! You look incredible in your outfits girl!

    Serene xoxo

    • yvonne
      21/05/2020 / 17:29

      Thanks for stopping by, Serene! I appreciate your lovely comment! xx

  2. 20/05/2020 / 05:28

    Nice to read your thoughts about this lockdown. It’s great that you’re finding good things happening because of it. Those jeans are versatile, can be worn with anything.

    • yvonne
      21/05/2020 / 17:08

      And they are very comfortable while staying stylish! Thanks Mercy!

  3. 17/05/2020 / 23:04

    This rona has messed up things, but thank God we are healthy and alive. While there are negative things happening with this pandemic, it has also brought some positiviy. Hopefully we will all come out positive and more kinder.

    • yvonne
      21/05/2020 / 17:09

      Time to reflect on what’s important! Thank you, Missy May!

  4. 17/05/2020 / 08:50

    Hi Yvonne, thanks for sharing your beautiful outfit and experience of lockdown. I must admit I feel the same. Here in the UK they are starting to ease restrictions and it’s hard to know what the right thing to do is with all the confusing and conflicting advice. Have a lovely weekend.
    Gemma x

    • yvonne
      21/05/2020 / 17:21

      Nice to read your comment, Gemma! According to Your prime minister “Stay alert”…whatever that means. Whatever you do, stay safe! I’m glad you like the outfit. Thank you.

  5. 15/05/2020 / 09:51

    You look gorgeous in these outfits, and I am loving the black top in particular – so stylish! I must admit I am having the same mixed feelings. Our kids are going back to school from next week here in Australia, but our workplaces are not yet rushing into having all their employees back in the office. So it’s a situation that feels a little in-between. We’ve loved all being at home for these past few weeks. I guess we will see what this new development will bring! All the best to you. PS: We love Switzerland and were planning to visit again this year. Maybe next year!

    • yvonne
      17/05/2020 / 05:27

      The details on the black are really cute, right? Glad you like the outfits, Katerina! Switzerland is beautiful and I’m sure you will get the chance to visit once again sometime soon.

  6. 14/05/2020 / 21:02

    You look so good!
    Sick of quarantine but it has lowkey been a blessing in disguise!

  7. 12/05/2020 / 15:37

    It is such a weird time, for sure- parts of my area are “starting to open” (whatever that really means) starting yesterday, May 11th, too. But my work is having us stay home at least through the end of June- which I’m thankful for, because I don’t think my area has enough tests + ways to manage a huge uptick in new cases.

    I love your looks here, babe- those jeans are SO sick on you! Gorg!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • yvonne
      14/05/2020 / 16:58

      That’s good you can stay at home until the end of June. I hope by then things will be a bit better and we will feel safer.
      Thank you, Ashley! I’m glad that you like the looks. I love how comfortable the jeans are.

  8. 11/05/2020 / 04:28

    Same here in the Philippines! Our ECQ is about to be lifted on May 15 and I fear of what they call the second wave. I’m happy because I got busy this whole quarantine- cooking, working out and the like. I hope I can visit Switzerland too when all of this is over. Stay safe!


    • yvonne
      11/05/2020 / 09:44

      You seem to be coping very well during the lockdown. You would love Switzerland!
      Stay safe! xx

  9. 08/05/2020 / 21:52

    I can relate to the apprehension, friend! I can’t wait for this all to be over with, but at the same time, I still don’t feel ready to go back to “normal” yet. I live in Ohio and while the restrictions are easing, I’m still trying to stay at home as much as possible and see how things go first.

    I love these outfits, they are gorgeous!!

    Make Life Marvelous

    • yvonne
      09/05/2020 / 15:48

      I saw on the news life will be going back to normal in the US. It’s more important to stay safe! Stay home if possible. Thank you, Ashley! xx

  10. 08/05/2020 / 20:06

    Yes challenging times indeed, though glad there was a bit of a silver for you getting closer to your husband. Not sure what to expect this summer. In the States there are people protesting not to wear masks it is ridiculous. I often think of moving to Paris lol

    Allie of

    • yvonne
      09/05/2020 / 15:54

      I can’t understand why they don’t want to wear masks. Take extra care! Not everyone wears masks here in Switzerland but I feel safe! I love Paris!

  11. 08/05/2020 / 19:18

    So glad that you’re taking the best from this situation and that your relationship with your husband is even stronger in these times. <3 A dose of caution is healthy so I understand your point of view, we shouldn't relax too suddenly. Hope you're safe and well. <3

  12. 08/05/2020 / 16:22

    Pretty black top <3

  13. 08/05/2020 / 12:00

    Such a beautiful post Yvonne. I confused too about the so contradicted information regarding wearing masks or not, but also on many other aspects of the coronavirus and lockdown. I really hope this will end well for all of us!
    Stay safe and thanks for sharing <3

    • yvonne
      11/05/2020 / 09:52

      Yes, I do hope it will end well for us all. We just need to help by keeping ourselves and others safe. Stay safe, Stella! xx

    • yvonne
      08/05/2020 / 09:06

      Hi Mariann, We have to do the best we can in this situation! Thanks for your kind compliment xx

  14. 07/05/2020 / 16:24

    That is good to hear that your husband and you laugh a lot. Me and my partner have also lots of fun together. Some couples really annoy each other during this time. Stay safe my beautiful friend!

  15. 07/05/2020 / 05:45

    You look incredible Yvonne! You sound like you are coping very well with the lockdown. Yes, friends are a life saver and its so good to hear that your bond with your husband is getting stronger. Keep safe lovely xx

    • yvonne
      07/05/2020 / 08:16

      I think you just have to get on with life as best you can in this situation. I really feel blessed! Thanks, Janet! xx

    • yvonne
      07/05/2020 / 05:09

      Oh yes, I’m so grateful for the smaller things in life! Thank you and stay safe! xx

    • yvonne
      07/05/2020 / 05:11

      The black top is cute, right? The bag is such a classic – I love it!

  16. 06/05/2020 / 19:17

    I’m the same, I was keeping myself busy most of the time and didn’t really get chance to get bored. I’m certainly missing lot of people, but I didn’t really had a bad time.

    • yvonne
      07/05/2020 / 05:25

      The most important is to stay busy! You seem to be doing just fine! Stay safe! Thanks for dropping by!

  17. 06/05/2020 / 17:27

    It’s amazing how this time has been so worrying and scary, but it’s helped us appreciate what really matters in life xo

    Gemma | Makeup Muddle

    • yvonne
      07/05/2020 / 05:28

      Oh absolutely! who ever thought something like this would happen?

    • yvonne
      06/05/2020 / 11:34

      I just want everything to go back to normal which I know will take some time! Stay safe, Jennifer!

  18. 06/05/2020 / 09:20

    It sounds like you’ve been coping with the lockdown in a healthy way! Only a few days left before things are at least a bit more normalized.

    Love your jeans! They’re really chic with the cute tops! Xx

    • yvonne
      06/05/2020 / 11:38

      Really trying here but I know things won’t be as they were before covid-19. Not right now! I’m so loving the 90s style jeans with crop tops right now! Thank you!

    • yvonne
      07/05/2020 / 05:42

      I’m not sure if things will be back to normal so soon. This will take some time – maybe when we have a vaccine. I love the comfort of the 90s style jeans! Thank you! xx

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