Elegant Skater Dress With Heels

I loved this skater dress the minute I saw it but wasn’t prepared to spend too much on it as it’s not something I thought that I would wear ofter. When I checked my closet I realised that I had nothing which resembles this skater dress – so that was another reason to justify me buying it, haha. Imagine how…


What To Buy In The Sales Now

Shopping around can be so overwhelming when sales are on as there are so many items to choose from – so I have made your shopping experience that little bit easier. I’ve picked a few of my favourite┬ápieces that are on sale. It’s coming to the end of sales which means usually the best items have been sold already. Not…


The Trench Coat You Need

The trench coat is one piece of clothing which can be worn season after season. It’s a must-have which should be added to your wardrobe. This is really a classic staple which helps to complete any outfit whether it be casual or flowing silhouettes – and it’s very practical and gives a polished look. I have purchased a new lighter…


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