My New Beauty Products

I first saw Remescar eye bags and dark circle cream in a chemist – and thought, interesting – why not give it a try! A cream that promises to erase the appearance of eye bags and circles by 75% instantly. Exactly what I need, so I parted with my cash and off I went. I was very sceptical about the…


What’s In My Dior Saddle Bag

Today’s post I’m showing what I have in my bag. Surprising how many things that fit in my Dior saddle bag. Of course the bigger the bag – I just seem to add more things unnecessarily – although I dislike carrying around heavy bags. I don’t think that will change anytime soon though haha!  I’m sure most of you probably do…


Glam UP With Glitz

Sorry guys, this photo is on repeat. I did intend to get something new with sequins that really shines for the festive season but as I don’t really like the feel of these materials, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy yet another one of these items, although I’m still eyeing up a few dresses that I’ve seen on some…


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