Skin Care – Sun Protection

We all know how important it is to use sunscreen products but most of you guys are leaving it out completely or applying only once a day. I’m guilty of the latter. It’s advised to apply 20 minutes before initially venturing out and reapply appropriately during long periods of sun exposure. So many people are being diagnosed with skin cancer, partly…


My New Beauty Products For A Natural Look

Most times I wear natural or neutral looking makeup. I’ve added a few new items to my makeup bag. All these products that I have selected are so easy to apply… and I literally do my makeup in 10 minutes, unless I’m going for a neutral look which takes me a whole lot longer. Sisley Foundation I’ve tried many different…


Maximise Skin Hydration // Serum

Skincare is right at the top of my list. If you are aiming for flawless looking makeup, then take care of your skin by using the right skincare products. Doctor Babor hydro cellular Hyaluron cream is part of my daily facial skin care routine. Those who follow my blog would have seen a post here. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is…


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