The Best Time To Buy Coats

The best time to buy coats is now that the sales are on. Some of the top designers and maybe even your favourites have fantastic discounts that shouldn’t be overlooked. You can get the best deals at this time of year. You are probably already fed up of winter –  and thinking about Spring/summer collection and what you want to spend your money on – especially if you are on a budget or aren’t experiencing a severe winter.  I suggest you buy a coat now and thank me next winter. Saying that…winter is still here so that’s another reason to invest in a coat now. Don’t buy because it’s cheap, as cheap is not necessarily the best option especially when it comes to buying coats or outerwear, in general. There are times when you think – let me hang on and wait for further reductions…but your size may no longer be available when you do decide to buy. I suggest a puffer coat,…


Glam UP With Glitz

Sorry guys, this photo is on repeat. I did intend to get something new with sequins that really shines for the festive season but as I don’t really like the feel of these materials, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy yet another one of these items, although I’m still eyeing up a few dresses that I’ve seen on some of my favourite websites. What better time of year to wear glitter and shimmer than during the festive holidays. If you don’t want to invest in sparkly clothing that you probably won’t wear again – or maybe you just don’t like that kind of stuff, then try using a little shimmer on your face and body with some sparkly cosmetics. I wouldn’t recommend going all out using metallics, shimmer and sparkle at the same time unless you are going to a carnival of some some sort. A little just under the brow bone or highlighter just above the cheeks will definitely give you…


Holiday Season Gift Ideas

Although we love buying gifts for our friends and family, you have to admit that it can be challenging at times trying to find the perfect gift. Gifting can make us happy, especially when we see how pleased our loved ones are when they open the package. In today’s post, I’m sharing a few gift ideas which, I hope will help make your search that much easier – relieving you of some of that stress which is associated with Christmas shopping. My selection of items range in price from more affordable to those who want to splurge. Shop The Post Girl On A Budget Home Gifts Beauty Gift Ideas


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