Glam UP With Glitz

Sorry guys, this photo is on repeat. I did intend to get something new with sequins that really shines for the festive season but as I don’t really like the feel of these materials, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy yet another one of these items, although I’m still eyeing up a few dresses that I’ve seen on some…


Holiday Season Gift Ideas

Although we love buying gifts for our friends and family, you have to admit that it can be challenging at times trying to find the perfect gift. Gifting can make us happy, especially¬†when we see how pleased our loved ones are when they open the package. In today’s post, I’m sharing a few gift ideas which, I hope will help…


The Statement Winter Coat

If you live in countries that get extremely cold then you already know that a warm coat is a necessity. It’s probably the most expensive item of your clothing and so you should choose wisely – looking at all colours you already have in your wardrobe, take it from there before you make a decision on the colour. If you…


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