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    Eyelift Treatment – Venofye


    I’ve become rather obsessed with skin care ever since a few lines and puffiness appeared around the eye area. They are not that pronounced for me to lose sleep over but I am conscious of the aging signs.I suffer from insomnia so this may have helped the process of bags under my eyes developing along with food and allergies. When a friend told me about this product which produces the same results as Botox I was skeptical. After all, there are so…

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  • Hyaluronic Acid For Smoother Skin

    When it comes to my skin care routine I believe less is better – so for years I’ve cleansed my skin, used sunscreen and a good moisturiser which worked perfectly well for me. However, for…

  • Flawless Finish with O! Wow Brush

    O! Wow brush from Caiyln cosmetics is one of my newest purchases I made lately. I read so many good reviews about this brush that I decided to give it a try.…