Authentic English Pub In Wongawallan – Gold Coast

First and foremost my visit to Australia was to see my very good friend which I did not see in a very long time. I kept promising although I was dreading the long flights which were not too bad after all. Well, I’m here now and have no regrets. It’s now my third time and I’m always impressed by the…


Australia // Queensland

  If you ever decide to go to Daintree tropical rainforest, in Queensland, Australia, which is vast and amazing by the way. (Trees and birds which I have never seen before). You have to stop off at Daintree Ice Cream Co. & Tropical Fruit Farm, in the heart of the rainforest on Cape Tribulation Road which was the highlight of…


Thailand – Chiang Rai

I find Bangkok exciting and always looked forward to going there. This time I was so disappointed because of the air pollution. It was the worst ever. It was difficult to find face masks so I had to wear a regular surgical mask as all N95 masks ( protects from the smaller particles) were sold out. In fact, it was suggested…


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