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    Skinny Jeans & Ankle Boots


    A day spent in Bern – the capital of Switzerland…walking around the old town, enjoying the sights and the hustle and bustle of the city. If it rains here you needn’t get wet as there are arcades on both sides of the main street- so no need for umbrellas while shopping.…

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  • Ascona – Switzerland

    Situated on Monte Verità hillside, (Mountain of Truth) overlooking Lake Maggiore and surrounding mountains is Hotel Ascona. It’s a great location if you plan to visit the charming town of Ascona which is Switzerland’s…

  • Villa René Restaurant Lalique – France

    René Lalique and his family resided in the Villa, during his stay in Alsace, which he built in 1920. It has been reinvented and is now a sophisticated hotel and restaurant. Villa Lalique restaurant…