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Whenever I travel to Dubai I prefer to fly with Emirates airline. When I fly from Zurich I can leave during the day and arrive in Dubai at a reasonable time. I can also get a flight back leaving Dubai just after midday. Many airlines land and leave well after midnight.


Doha – Qatar

It’s been a while since I last visited Qatar. A very good friend who spent time working in the Maldives moved to Qatar because of her job. You might ask yourself why would anyone move from a piece of paradise! Especially the Maldives! Sometimes there isn’t a choice but in her case, she simply had enough of island life, although…


St. Moritz Upper-Engadin Switzerland

I thought about postponing the vacation we planned in St. Moritz as it coincided with the Alpine World Ski Championships. We knew it would not be the usual crowd and restaurants reservations would be difficult to get.


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