Easy-Peasy Peas Soup


This has got to be the easiest of soups to prepare from start to finish. Literally just throw all ingredients in the pot. Hence the name easy-peasy. It’s tasty and full of the good nutritious stuff we need. No kidding! By the way, it’s also inexpensive!…

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Bermuda Shorts With Ruffles


Grey is not the colour I usually go for when buying clothing  Matter of fact is, I have just a few pieces in my closet. Probably can count them on one hand – and I can’t even recall when I wore them last. However, I believe this shade of grey is pretty against my skin tone. I wanted to style the Bermuda shorts with a black top – but had a change of mind and decided to soften the look, with a simple grey pullover instead. The…

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Lace-up Jeans & Pussy Bow Blouse


I can’t believe it’s already September and I’m starting to feel the chill of the cold air. I realised everyone around was wearing a jacket and there I was, facing the cold with just a thin cardigan along the lakeside of Zurich. You’ve probably seen these high-waisted, curve-enhancing,…

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