Vintage Inspired Dress

Longer length dresses are my most worn items during the summer months. I’m uncomfortable with anything that’s close fitting especially when the sun is out and the temperature rises. The feeling of anything clingy is unbearable – unless I’ll be wearing it for a short period of time. This vintage style inspired dress is feminine and stylish with a lovely neck detail, double slit…
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Current Favourites

Floral Print dresses

Purely by coincidence, I came across a tea room secretly tucked away in Seefeld, Zurich which serves tea – English style with homemade cupcakes, scones and cakes served with clotted cream and jam. On the menu are Dessert Tea and Afternoon Tea which comes with sandwiches. This shabby chic style little tea room has three tables so it’s best to…
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Sunglasses: Must Have Accessory

Sunglasses are the must-have accessory for summer, especially the teeny tiny ones with the minuscule lenses which just about cover your eyes. They offer no sunlight UV protection whatsoever but we are not talking about been practical or protecting our eyes here…just about looking cool in one of the futuristic, Retro, Matrix styles. If you aren’t owning a pair of…
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